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Jan 27, 2011 12:08 AM by John Romero

Hockey clubs prove teamwork is alive and well

All too often in sports, competitiveness takes center ice while compassion is left sitting on the bench. But not for the Rampart High School's hockey team. While in the middle of fundraising for their season, the team had an idea. "We decided early on that we wanted to give some of that money back to the community." explains Rampart booster Robert Coffey.

Since then Rampart has been helping raise money and find hockey gear for the Colorado Springs Bulldogs, a sled hockey team for disabled kids and adults. Because of the high medical bills, playing an organized sport is sometimes out of reach for people with disabilities. "It's very important because our players need the same gear as the regular hockey players." explains Teresa Lundquist, a parent with the Bulldogs, "But because a lot of them have disabilities, they really don't have the money to participate in a sport like hockey."

The Rampart players regularly volunteer their time to the Bulldogs. "Sled hockey is important for the kids on the Rampart Hockey Team because they have that common connection of hockey." says Coffey. As much as Rampart likes volunteering, the Bulldogs may get even more out of the relationship. "Having something that they can be physically active in is a great way to build their body strength and build their confidence" says Lundquist. So with a little teamwork and the kinship of a great game, Rampart is helping make sure the Bulldogs see plenty of ice time.



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