Jul 8, 2010 12:31 AM by Andy Koen

Home Invasions on the rise

Despite a dip in the crime rate in 2009, unofficial numbers from the Colorado Springs Police Department suggest that home invasion robberies in the city have spiked in 2010, increasing by more than 100 percent as of late April.

While many crimes are often referred to as home invasions, there is no specific legal charge by that name.

"The term home invasion it's not really a legal term, it's kind of a slang term that got applied to cases we've investigated before they just never received the notoriety," explains Sgt. Darrin Abink.

He says most home invasion cases are actually burglaries in which another crime is committed.  He adds that frequently the victim and perpetrator know one another.

"Most of our cases, a good 95 percent of our cases, generally we find that there was some sort of knowledge or some sort of relationship between the victims and the suspect at some point," Abink said.

"Very rarely do we see in Colorado Springs an event where true strangers come breaking through a door without some sort of prior knowledge, tie up a homeowner and steal something from them."

That doesn't diminish the seriousness of the crime. Burglary and armed robbery are both high level felonies.

In addition to home invasions, the police are also noticing a rise in vehicle break-ins, assaults and business robberies this year, however not to the same degree.

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