Dec 19, 2009 11:19 PM by Matt Stafford

Homeless discussion becoming more visible

Colorado Springs City Council members have put on hold considering a ban public camping, a move that would make things tough for the homeless. However, for one man working for the less fortunate, he thinks it may be sparking a needed community discussion.

At Antlers Park, homeless are getting a warm meal from people helping fight a problem that's getting more and more attention.

"Everybody realizes that we have a community problem and we're trying to figure out what do we do as a community," says Robert Moran, founder of The Street Church, a church for the less fortunate.

Moran started The Street Church under a bridge three years ago, and since then has worked endlessly for what he describes as his calling.

New issues, like a possible ban on public camping, make Moran feel his work is more urgent.

"It is crunch time, it's always crunch time for the homeless," Moran says.

Sunday at 4 p.m., The Street Church is hosting a dinner where tonight's group is helping out.

It's one of a handful events discussing homelessness in Colorado Springs over the next month and a half, which Moran finds important to facilitate.

"Where people, you and I, can come in and express some suggestions or some of the observances that we have," says Moran. "There's not a single person or a single agency that has all the answers it's a community and when we pool those people together, we're going to come out with the best result."

It may not solve the problem, but progress is the key.

Here's a list of some events coming up dealing with homelessness:

12/20 Sun. 4p.m. - Homeless Persons Memorial Service at Antlers Park
-free dinner, guest speakers
-call (719) 494-9912 for more information

12/21 Mon. 5:15 p.m. - Longest Night of the Year Memorial Service at Salvation Army and Bijou House
-bowl of soup, candlelight procession
-call (719) 633-8711, ext. 102, for more information

12/26 Sat. noon - Benefit for the Homeless at Rick's Piano Warehouse
-raising money and donations for the homeless, sharing ideas on addressing the issue
-call (719) 310-6670 for more information

1/18 Mon. and 1/20 Wed. 5:30 p.m. - Public forum on homeless camping at the Marian House
-discussing proposals coming out of interagency meetings
-call (719) 632-6189 for more information

To check out The Street Church, click here.


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