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Apr 15, 2013 8:57 PM by Bill Folsom

How do we recover? Former Boston Marathon Champion on bombs

For Colorado Springs resident, Lisa Rainsberger the explosions at the Boston Marathon were like watching tragedy at family reunion she wasn't able to attend this year. She is the last American woman to with the marathon. Since 1985 she has been back at least a dozen times to run, coach, or as a special guest. "It's been 28 years that I have lived this race and cherished this race and helped other people finish this race. And now it's damaged. How do we recover from that?," said Rainsberger

She has a vivid memory of where the blasts happened. The same thing that adds to the excitement at the finish also put a lot of people in harms way. "It is a very tight finish. The sidewalk there is maybe eight feet on either side with buildings going straight up and people are jam packed in there." She says the there are hundreds of thousands of people lining the street with the last few blocks before the finish.

The Boston Marathon is considered one the world's great sporting traditions. Rainsberger has no doubt it will continue. The question is how to address security in the future. "Do they run everyone through a metal detector? Do they just have a private finish line and not open it up to spectators? How do we move forward?" Questions like this apply not only to the Boston Marathon, but also other major public events.



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