Oct 29, 2011 7:33 PM by Dr. Anya Winslow

How to get health care without insurance

Four years ago, Elaine Brandon did not have to worry about her health care costs.

"I had, actually, 100% coverage," she says.

After a divorce, now Elaine has to cover her own health care costs, and her monthly premium only keeps rising and it doesn't allow for many doctors visits or tests.

Elaine adds, "This fair really fills-in the gap of [my] being under-insured."

The Southern Colorado Health Fair offers around three dozen screenings, many of which are free. Others range from $15 - $65 dollars.

Elaine mentioned her sister was quoted $800 dollars for a colon test by her doctor. At this fair, colon screenings cost only $20 dollars.

For some, like Jeanette Clack, who are covered by insurance, the fair reassures her of her overall health state.

"It can be really reassuring to know that I am doing okay," says Jeanette. She adds the fairs offer her the chance "to get a little bit of extra information between appointments" so that she can also have more information when she goes to her doctor. "I can ask better questions," she says.

A spokesperson for the fair says over the past few months they've been seeing an increase in attendees who don't have insurance, have lost their jobs, or they can't afford it, or for people like Elaine whose budget is a little tight right now.

"I need this kind of help with my health in order to keep myself healthy," says Elaine ... and she is not alone.

Health fairs provide opportunities for all people -- under-insured, un-insured, as well as insured to receive screenings.

*NOTE: Saturday's fair was held at Palmer Ridge High School in Colorado Springs

*NOTE: The next fair is next weekend in Commerce City. During the fall fairs, children are welcome to also receive several screenings.

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