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Feb 23, 2013 6:28 PM by Lacey Steele

Hundreds meet with Sen. Giron to discuss the gun debate

Hundreds of people showed up in Pueblo today for a meeting about gun control with Democratic State Senator Angela Giron.

Last weekend, we told you about a public meeting she held with the topic of conversation centered on foreclosure.

Many people showed up to that hoping that meeting would be about guns.

When it wasn't, they scheduled a gun meeting for today.

Senator Giron says the meeting went really well.

"People were there to help educate me, help me to understand their issues," said Sen. Giron. "I think it certainly did help that we had a nice organized fashion in order to do that.

There was a question and comment section, in addition to Senator Giron summing up four bills for the crowd.

They deal with background checks, concealed carry on college campuses, and magazine limits.

Both sides spoke out.

Most in the room seemed to be against gun control.

"My presence here today was to help educate her on both the view from a gun owner as well as the issues with each one of the individual bills," said John Sternberg, who's against the gun bills. "They only affect the law abiding. They don't affect criminals."

But there were several there who are for the bills.

"I'm very sad to see that we now have a gun culture because in my experience, gun cultures are failed cultures," said Gil Arnold, who is against guns.

He went on to say he feels safe, and he finds it sad that so many people don't.

"Felt really grateful to be able to have that opportunity to talk to people and continue to get some other information," said Sen. Giron.

Senator Giron says she has not yet formed her opinion on any of the bills, but she's trying to keep everyone's words in mind when she does make a decision.

She adds she doesn't believe any of the gun control bills will be voted on this week.

They have to be given to a committee first, and if they pass there, then they'll head to the senate.



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