Feb 8, 2014 3:48 PM by Leah Kraus

Ice not safe to walk out on according to law enforcement

With the beautiful weather we've had today, many people are taking the opportunity to hit a few golf balls around or go to the park. However, law enforcement says one place you shouldn't be hanging out on is iced-over bodies of water.

"Ice, regardless of how solid it looks, is not at any time safe to be out on," says firefighter David Noblitt.

He says usually the calls he gets are about kids playing on ice, but many times they're about dogs that have gotten loose from owners and are now stranded on the ice or have fallen through.

Noblitt says to call 911 if this happens to you. Firefighters have a plan in place and special equipment they can use if an animal falls through the ice. You should never try to retrieve the animal yourself.

"Heat transfer in the cold water is thirty times more faster than it would be in the air," says Noblitt. "Your chances of becoming hypothermic in a very short period of time are substantially greater once you fall through the ice."

Even if you're standing on the shore -- that's not a safe bet either. Noblitt says that's where ice deteriorates the fastest.




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