Jan 31, 2014 8:19 PM by Connie Murphy

Icy conditions complicate commute

COLORADO SPRINGS -- Icy conditions are occurring in many locations throughout Colorado Springs early this evening. "We're having multiple locations with vehicles being stuck and we know that roads have deteriorated over the past couple of hours due to changes in the weather," Jeremy Reichert, Colorado Springs Street Operations Manager said.

The city street department is also dealing with multiple equipment failures, he added.

"We‘re awaiting repairs on (the equipment) and we're also dealing with a statewide shortage of de-icing materials."

What advice does Reichert give travelers in the Springs this evening?

"Unless it's an emergency or you have a reason for being out there, get off the road and stay home," he said. "That helps us with progress because when traffic is backed up our equipment is also out in that." Roads with a significant incline are challenging drivers the most, Reichert said.



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