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Apr 3, 2014 6:14 PM by Meteorologist Valerie Abati

Icy Conditions Possible Overnight

The snow has come to an end, but we're not done seeing some residual effects.

Because Thursday's snow had a high moisture content, and a lot of it melted throughout the day, we now are left with a lot of water on the ground.  As temperatures drop overnight, that means the water is going to refreeze.  So for the morning commute, branches and power lines could be low, and there will be widespread ice across the area.  From patios to sidewalks to driveways and untreated roads.  You'll have to watch your step heading to work Friday morning.

We'll see some improvements for Friday and the weekend. Temperatures will climb into the 50s for many areas on Friday as the sun comes out and continues to melt the snow.  The weekend will be fairly decent, cool for this time of year, but still mild. We'll see partly to mostly cloudy skies with highs mainly in the 50s. There is the chance for some spotty showers on Sunday into Monday. But this isn't anything impressive - definitely nothing like Thursday's storm.

Watch out for that black ice overnight and early Friday morning... Meteorologist Valerie Abati



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