Jul 2, 2014 11:12 PM by Matt Prichard

Identity theft curbed in Southern Colorado

Charges read to Geider Morales this morning as authorities say the 24-year-old mixed in with a trio of identity theft bandits, who left a string of bread-crumbs for police to find.

"For this case the investigators started getting information and it was quick to see that these weren't isolated independent incidents. They were all connected, same type of operations occurring for all victims," said Monument Police Department spokesman, Lt. Steve Burk.

From Denver to Pueblo, police say the trio had been swiping cars and pocketing the merchandise--ringing up $100,000 dollars over the last few months. Now with one in custody, authorities are asking for your help in finding the other two, Kimberly Navas and Eriec Rodriguez Morales who remain on the run this evening. 

But more importantly they want you to watch your personal info, so these kind of crimes don't happen to you.

"Constantly check online, your bank accounts," explained Burk, "Make sure the charges that are placed onto your account are charges you made and if you see something strange, look into it. Call the police, call the bank."

And with ID theft becoming more and more common, Burke says everyone, including police, has to adapt to keep themselves safe in the modern age.

"As technology increases obviously criminals find ways around it, but then we also have to adapt and find our ways to match their efforts. So while it does create more work for us with technological advances, it's just one more thing we have to adapt to," said Burk.

This investigation is ongoing and we will continue to keep you updated as more details become available.



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