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Mar 28, 2013 8:48 PM by Jacqui Heinrich,

Illegal handicap parking comes with hefty fine, dose of shame

Did you know there's a team of volunteers with the Colorado Springs Police Department whose only job is to find people illegally parked in handicap spots? Last year they wrote 800 tickets for violations, and they say that's only a drop in the bucket compared to the number of violations that happen each year.

Parking enforcement volunteers say people illegally park in handicap spots when they're in a rush or think they'll only be a minute, and some just think they're above the law and ignore the restriction. There's a price to pay for that crime: a $100 citation and a hefty dose of shame. "It's a serious violation," Sergeant Rob Kelley of CSPD told News 5. "People are issued handicap tags because of a lack of mobility. People who violate it just out of rudeness or lack of concern for their fellow citizens deserve to be penalized for it."

Ticket-writing volunteers often find people using handicap tags that don't belong to them, expired tags doctored to make them look current, people blatantly parking in handicap spots without any tags at all, and a number of recent incidents with violators attempting to run from the elderly volunteers writing the tickets. Police say it's a crime to park in a handicap spot without proper tags, whether on public or private property.



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