Aug 1, 2014 12:16 AM by Matt Prichard

Illegal immigrant licenses launch Friday

Over the next 90-days, 1,922 illegal immigrants will visit the State DMV off Union Boulevard for drivers licenses and ID cards. And with ten thousand state-wide, the department of revenue is running out of slots.

"We understand that not a hundred percent of the folks were able to get their appointments immediately on the first day, but we have had a significant number of people that have been able to get an appointment as we continue to roll this out," said Department of Revenue Executive Director, Barbara Broil.

But with only five DMV's offering them state-wide, it's no surprise that it's already causing headaches for county officials.

"The state has set very strict parameters as to who can issue these new forms of drivers licenses, and it's limited to actual state offices. So county offices cannot offer that service at this time," said El Paso County Clerk & Recorder, Wayne Williams.

And even though the law is in motion, debate continues along party lines as they continue to stay split on the issue.

"The more we talk on this drivers license issue, the more it comes back to, we're not enforcing the laws on our books, we don't know who is coming and going. And so how can we work to make good reforms when we can't even understand or know who is coming and going," said Colorado State Senator, Owen Hill.

"I would prefer that the person driving down the road next to me has actually passed a drivers test, has a drivers license, which means they also have insurance. That's a big deal. And I think that's what is driving this more than anything," said Executive Director for the El Paso County Democratic Party, Christy Lelait.

Regardless everyone will be watching tomorrow to see just how smooth the role out is, and how many people show up.

"Once we start to roll this out and see exactly how this is working after Friday, we'll have more data, and we'll be identifying what the needs are moving forward," said Broil. 

This story is ongoing and we will keep you updated as more details become available.



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