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Jul 29, 2009 4:38 PM

In Viewer's Own Words: A Good, Clear Picture

With our annual series of summer storms here in Colorado, the First Alert weather team keeps pretty busy tracking every move of every storm.

The latest round of storms brought with it some viewer calls and emails. Below are the words of a retired, professional pilot about the recent hail storms about Mike Daniels, Craig Eliot, and First Alert Doppler on News First 5.

AGood, Clear Picture

Here's what Dan of Colorado Springs had to say about the team coverage of Mike Daniels and Craig Eliot:

I've been watching your coverage - it's Wednesday afternoon. I just wanted to extend my compliments to Mike Daniels and the crew for following this hail storm. It's the best storm coverage - right on the spot - that I've ever seen.

I've relied on on-board weather radar as a professional pilot and i can tell you, they really gave us a good, clear picture of how that storm clipped the southeast end of Colorado Springs.

To actually see the gradients in the precipitation - to see the hail column as it was forming and dissipating - was amazing. We knew exactly, right down to the street, where it was and where it was moving. And the timely video and photos that were coming through!

You can identify experts in their trade - carpenters, electricians - and your weather team are experts. I can't see how they could have done any better.

My training program was pretty heavy on meteorology. I felt like Iwas right back in the cockpit with those guys.

I can't say enough about the whole crew. Compliments to you guys - great, great job.

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