Dec 15, 2012 7:09 PM by Lacey Steele

Investigation ends in Pueblo officer-involved shooting that killed a man with a BB gun

The investigation and legal analysis are complete in an officer-involved shooting that resulted in the death of a 21-year-old.

It happened on August 29 in Pueblo, and we have more on the District Attorney's decision.

Twenty-four pages from District Attorney Bill Thiebaut detail the evidence and witnesses.

They also released a police dash cam video.

Near the end of August, Officer Brian Laut shot a killed 21-year-old Edward Valdez III, who was allegedly shooting out windows while riding a bike before aiming at and shooting Officer Laut.

What the officer didn't know at the time was Valdez only had a BB Gun which according to evidence resembled a handgun.

Thiebaut says all witnesses and pieces of evidence were consistent and adds Laut reasonably believed he was in imminent danger of death when he shot Valdez.

That means there's no likelihood, according to Thiebaut, that Laut committed a chargeable offense.

He says Laut's actions were justified.

Back when the shooting happened we spoke to Valdez's family who says he was a quiet person.

"They could have just followed him home and make him pay for the damage," said Mary Valdez, Edward Valdez III's grandmother. "He was just a kid."

Officer Laut did take administrative leave after the shooting.

Also in Thiebaut's analysis was a statement that says his decision does not limit administrative action by the Pueblo Police Department.

We tried to reach Police Chief Luis Velez for a comment today, and we hope to bring you more on this soon.



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