Oct 27, 2011 5:00 PM by Matt Stafford

Iraqi boy - "secret weapon" for US troops - shares story with News 5

It made national news in 2004 when a 13-year-old Iraqi boy -- who, under the codename Steve-O, had helped Americans on missions -- was brought back to live in the United States.

Jasim Ramadon describes a childhood that was surrounded by violence. His dad was a Captain in Saddam Hussein's military who tried to get him to kill American soldiers.

Ramadon, after the urging from his mother to seek safety, joined the Americans; even turning in his father and his insurgency group, which included 40 of Saddam's leaders in all.

When they found out Ramadon was working with the Americans, his mother was killed.

With no where to go, Fort Carson soldiers brought Ramadon back to Colorado Springs.

"I couldn't stay because they killed my family; they wanted me, so the US wanted to bring me here," says Ramadon.

"My whole company -- Dragon Company1-3rd A.C.R. -- all came back, and he was part of the reason," says Robert Evans, a retired platoon sergeant with the U.S. Army.

Seven years later, Ramadon is 19 and is still living in Colorado Springs. He has a wife and young daughter.

His biggest struggle right now is getting a good job to provide for his family. The root of the issue is that Ramadon started learning English as a teenager; his speaking is fine, but his reading and writing levels still need improvement. Right now he's working hard to finish school.

Thursday night on News 5 at 6 and 10 p.m. Ramadon shares his story.

Soldiers are reconnecting with Ramadon; helping him with bills. They've gotten in touch with him through a Facebook page he set up; to see it, click here.


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