Nov 16, 2009 1:10 PM by Lynda Baquero, Bea Karnes

IVF pioneer calls procedure a waste of time, money

It was a long and painful road for Dominique Debroux before her daughter, Gaya, came into this world.

She tried for years to become pregnant and turned to In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF).

"I got pregnant four times and I miscarried each one of those times. So, three failed IVF's..." Debroux said. "Over the entire process, between the IVF's that aren't covered by insurance, and the side cost of it, about $100,000 out of pocket."

Dominique and her husband started to think about adoption until she went to see Dr. Sami David.

In his book, "Making Babies", Dr. David says it can be difficult, and time-consuming, to find an underlying cause of infertility and believes that's why many women, and some of his fellow doctors, jump to IVF.

Although he says it can be helpful, he believes a large number of IVF procedures are unnecessary.

Dr. David says there may also be side effects.

"Perhaps as high as 50-percent. A huge number of patients I've seen have infections, low grade infections that they're not aware of."

Including Dominique who was treated with antibiotics.

"What ought to be done, I believe, is that the couple should be very carefully evaluated." Dr. David explains. "More attention to the man, since he's responsible forty percent for infertility."

After being treated, Dominique became pregnant naturally and gave birth to Gaya, two years ago.

"I knew I would love a child..." Debroux said. "I knew I wanted a child, but I never realized how amazing it is. It's pure joy all the time."


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