Jul 31, 2013 11:11 PM by Annie Snead

Job numbers for Colorado

It's the start of August tomorrow, but we're getting a look at Colorado's June job numbers, and there's good news.
Payroll jobs exceeded their previous peak in 2008.
Still, there are a lot of folks out there looking for work, we spoke to some of them and take a closer what the unemployment rate means for those job hunters.
"Definitely looking for work, I was let go from my job a little over a year ago, I am currently on social security and just looking to see what I can find out," said Joy Southworth.
Southworth went to the workforce center Wednesday to put a new resume together.
She's been looking for work on and off.
"I just recently got temporarily laid off, I had a job over at Fort Carson, the PX, so just trying to get a job," said Brian Green.
Green says it's been hard because of the many people who've been trying to gain employment but the center makes it easier.
"The unemployment numbers for June 2013 are lower than June 2012 so we've seen unemployment numbers decrease," said Dana Barton with the Pikes Peak Workforce Center.
While unemployment numbers are lower year to year, they rose from May to June.
From 7.9% to 9.1% in El Paso County.
Still - non-farm payroll jobs increased 11,000 over the month in Colorado.
According to the Department of Colorado Labor and Employment, in June, payroll jobs exceeded the previous peak reached in May 2008 by 4,800 for a total of 2,368,300 and the center has noticed the change.
"What we're seeing an increase in is the number of jobs posted. so our average weekly number of postings is around 280 and last week we saw a jump to 340 jobs posted in a week," said Dana Barton.
Barton says there's also a number of people re-engaging in their search, those who may have stopped looking for jobs, now looking again as jobs open.
Folks like Joy Southworth, are hoping the increase of payroll jobs will mean jobs for them.
"Very aware of a lot of unemployed people out there and I'm praying in support of them, and what they can do to find a job as well," she said.
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