May 20, 2010 4:17 AM by John Romero

Judge Orr Road still closed after washout

A closed road is causing some big problems in Falcon. Three weeks ago a rain storm washed out a large portion of Judge Orr Road near Highway 24 causing El Paso County to close it. Unfortunately it's already hurt Falcon Firefighters who had to maneuver around it when a small plane crashed on Monday. Luckily nobody was hurt but if there were, that extra time to get out there could have been critical. "Whether its fire, police or ambulance we understand this is an arteriole." explains Andre Brackin, an engineer with El Paso County, "They are number one to ensure they stay open."

But it's no small task to fix the road. Both El Paso County and Woodman Hills are working on fixing the problem. But between bids, paper work and other check, it's a long process. "You've got to pothole the location. You've got to verify what's down there and make sure you're not going to interrupt other utilities." says Brackin, "There's a lot of prep work in doing a little project like this.

Brackin says the work should start Monday in order to stop the damage before it gets worse.
"In any large storm event you could easily see the rest of this road go from the status it's in right now." he says. El Paso County hopes to have the road finished by June 15th.



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