Jan 8, 2010 1:15 AM by Andy Koen

Kayla comes home

These days, Kayla Kammrad looks happy and healthy, her oxygen tubing the only hint of the medical battle she's fought and won.

The Cañon City mom had been hospitalized since mid October with a severe case of H1N1 flu.

Her pulmonologist, Dr. Russell Lee, said Kayla's was the worst case of H1N1 he'd seen.

"This is just unbelievable, an unbelievable case that she survived this and looks as good as she does," Lee said.

The virus attacked her lungs from the very start. They both had collapsed and Kayla had as many as 4 chest tubes in her body for treatment.

"For her to get that sick, that quick, was just unbelievable," said Kayla's dad Michael Williams.
For months Kayla was kept in intensive care at Penrose Hospital. Her doctors fought to keep her alive, her family was unsure of what would come next.

"We were all very concerned that she would not survive this," doctor Russell said.
Williams called it, "virtually a nightmare.

But Kayla came through and today she's stepping out of the hospital for the first time in months. Doctor Russell is confident she'll return to a normal life.

"I'm hopeful that her lungs will be essentially normal, hopefully at least 90 percent of what she was like before," Russell said.

Kayla says she's looking forward some time with her mom, her husband and her kids as well as the comforts of home.

"Her Grandmother's going to make a taco salad and Kayla's going to get to have Grandma's taco salad," Williams said before the family left.

The Kammrad family said they were very grateful for the care Kayla received while she was at Penrose, and the warm outpouring from the community during her recovery.

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