Feb 5, 2014 7:56 PM by Leah Kraus

Keeping Pets Safe in the Cold

There's nothing a dog loves more than running outside with the wind in their face, but that can be tricky when the temperatures dip into the single digits.

"I would keep the being outside to a minimum, maybe a short walk," says Dr. John Sudduth of Northwest Animal Hospital.

Veterinarians say to always use common sense -- if it's too cold for you outside, it's probably too cold for your pets.

They say to always keep your pet on a leash, because the cold can dull their sense of smell and they may
not be able to find their way back to you.

You should also look for signs like shivering, a pale appearance and a lack of barking as cues that they're ready to come back inside.

Salt from the roads can not only hurt their paws, but it can also affect their digestive system. Be sure to wash it off before your pets can lick it off.



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