Oct 28, 2010 8:00 PM by Matt Stafford

Keeping the kids safe for Halloween this Sunday

Get the candy and costumes ready; trick-or-treaters will hit the neighborhoods on Sunday. But before, lots of errands and tough decisions go into getting ready for Halloween.

"I'm thinking that the little guy is going to be a bunny," says Kari Stouder, a mother getting her kids ready.

For Stouder, she's got her routine down for keeping her kids safe.

"Well I'll look for lights that are on and I always go up with my kids," Souder says. "I never let them go by themselves."

Colorado Springs Police say trick-or-treating with your kids is smart. The department is getting ready for Halloween too. They say keeping kids across the city safe isn't easy when there are so many around.

"These kids are out there on the sidewalks, they're excited, they're getting candy in their bags," says Sgt. Steve Noblitt, describing what gives the kids their energy for the night. Those kids aren't always watching the roads closely; Police say that's where it's up to drivers to watch out for our kids.

"I would say go extra slow," Sgt. Noblitt says.

For parents buying the costumes, Springs Police suggest costumes without masks or at least ones with big eyeholes so that the kids can see.

Also, as usual, Police suggest checking all your kid's candy.

Regular curfews will be in effect. Police say if you don't want anymore trick-or-treaters, just turn your porch light off.

Halloween can be a lot of work, both on the safety side and for the parents, but Stouder says it's worth it every year.

"I mean you get pictures of the kids in their costumes you get to keep for their whole lives -- and black mail them later on when they are adults," says Stouder.

Officers around the department are adding tips for keeping your kids safe. Springs Police have put together a short video, with tips from across the department. To see the video, click here.


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