Jan 28, 2014 10:00 AM by Greg Smith

Kenwothy picked U.S. as Olympic team instead of U.K.

A lot of people have two different answers to the questions, "where are you from?", and "where were you born?" Olympic hopeful Gus Kenworthy is among them, and the difference almost got him to compete for the wrong country come February.

Any Olympian will tell you, it's an honor to be chosen to represent your country in the games, but Gus Kenworthy had two countries to represent.

"I could've competed for the UK, and that was, like, a possibility," says Kenworthy. "It would have made it a little bit easier as far as qualifying and take some stress off, but I'm an American. I grew up here, this is my country, I definitely wanted to try and go for the U.S."

Born in England, he could've skied for the British, but his Colorado roots made up his mind.

"We didn't really live there for too long after I was born," says Kenworthy. "I mean, I've pretty much been in Colorado my whole life, and the snow in Colorado is great."

It's that snow in colorful Colorado, and especially in his hometown of Telluride, that has gus on our side come February.

"Colorado is just incredible, the mountains are awesome, big, some of the parks in Colorado are the best in the world hands down," says Kenworthy. "And then just the snow we get in Colorado, it's just incredible powder. I feel like I've already got that sense of being a hometown hero kind of. When I go home, and people are always just stopping me and saying hey, and it's very flattering and humbling."

But he's not just going to Sochi for the powder or recognition.

"I don't want to just go to go, I want to go to try and win or medal," says Kenworthy. "I think if you're going to medal then it doesn't really matter which country you're from, because you got to be one of the best three guys."

If he does end up as one of the best three on the medal stand, he'll be wearing the right kind of red, white, and blue.



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