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Feb 21, 2013 7:37 PM by Tony Spehar -

Landscaping companies enjoying snow business

Wednesday night's snowstorm had crews from Colorado Springs landscaping companies working hard to clear snow from areas not covered by county or city plows on Thursday, it's a boost in business they're welcoming ahead of a spring that could be very slow because of the dry climate.

Eric Moroski, part-owner of Weisberg Landscape Management, said his company had around 60 drivers working for hours around town to clear parking lots.

"This one was like 'wow,' it came fast like the lake effect snow last night," he described. "This is a tough one I think that a lot of heads will be shaking in our business that we couldn't respond as quick as we'd like to because it's so heavy."

Moroski said Thursday was one of the busiest snow-removal days he's seen in years. The income from clearing snow during the winter is welcome for landscaping companies who usually slow-down during the winter. But, though the storm brought some much needed moisture to the area it's nowhere near enough to make up for a dismal snow pack this season.

"We need a lot more, there's going to be people that might ask well look at all this snow we just got and the mountains are getting hit now regularly," Moroski explained. "We are somewhere in the 60-some-percent of snow pack, reservoirs don't look good."

Without a good mountain snow pack experts are predicting a very dry Spring and the Colorado Springs City Council is considering restricting outside watering to two-days a week to deal with the drought. Of course that will impact landscaping companies as fewer people are expected to be planting.

"We adapt, every business has to adapt and change," explained Moroski. "The bottom line is that the amount of moisture that the lawns need here obviously depends on what's in the mountains so two-days a week it is, we have to live with it."

The Colorado Springs City Council is scheduled to vote on proposals to save water next month.


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