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Oct 4, 2010 4:25 PM by Bea Karnes, News First 5

Laptop computers raise skin cancer worries

A medical report says people who work with computers on their laps for long periods could suffer from "toasted skin syndrome."

In one case, a 12-year-old boy developed a sponge-patterned skin discoloration on his left thigh after playing computer games a few hours every day for several months.

The danger has been highlighted by Swiss researchers in an article Monday in the journal Pediatrics.

The condition is generally harmless but can cause permanent skin darkening. In very rare cases, it can cause damage leading to skin cancers.

They do not cite any skin cancer cases linked to laptop use, but suggest placing a carrying case or other heat shield under the computer.

To schedule a skin cancer screening, contact the Dorcy Cancer Center at St. Mary-Corwin Medical Center in Pueblo.


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