Nov 22, 2011 10:57 PM by John Romero

Last minute holiday air travel tips

Thanksgiving weekend is always the busiest travel time of the year. This year AAA is projecting a 4% increase in the overall number of people traveling over last year and a 2% increase in Thanksgiving airline travel. With that comes a few reminders.

First, if you want to bring your favorite homemade jellies, sauces or dressings for a holiday dinner, you need to pack them in your checked luggage. If you have presents it's better you leave them unwrapped. "If a package alarms, we might to unwrap it." explains Carrie Harmon with TSA, "We don't like to that and you don't like us to do it."

As always, you're only allowed to carry on a quart sized bag with approved liquids in 3 ounce bottles or less. Some lose fitting shoes will made going through security a lot easier too.

There are also some new rules this year. For those of you that feel the body scanners are too invasive, the old body images on the screen have now been replaced with a generic outline.

The regulations when traveling with kids is also changing. "Children 12 and under may keep their shoes on when they go through the check point." says Harmon. Ann Bush has three kids she's flying with. We caught up with her just before she went through security at the Colorado Springs Airport and told her about the new rules. She thinks it's much more convenient. "I think it will be faster and easier." she says. But as a military wife, Bush says she still prefers the safety and piece of mind of the old system. "He's (husband) been to Iraq three times and he's dealt with children that had explosives and other weapons and stuff. I think sometimes it's better to have the inconvenience and to be safe."

While TSA says they want to help you get through security quicker, the whole idea behind the checkpoint is safety after all. And as always, there's one rule that stands out beyond all others. "We have a saying." explains Harmon, "If you see something, say something. We want to remind passengers to be vigilant when they fly. This is something that we especially emphasize around the holiday season."



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