Colorado Flooding

Jul 15, 2014 8:45 PM by Bill Folsom

Latest storms cause more damage to Colorado Springs storm water system

Colorado Springs crews now have multiple new storm repair projects thanks to the latest string of downpours. One of the weekend storm dumped between three and four inches of rain in just two hours. The damage adds to the long list of jobs they are still working on from the floods last fall.

One of the largest new damage spots is just west of the Chapels Hills Mall as short distance from Academy Boulevard. "We had this 108 inch culvert pipe that had a 10 foot section that folded in on itself," said Colorado Springs Streets Manager, Corey Farkas. The force of the water pushed the pipe through the cement head wall that had been holding it in place. The churning water then cut away a hole close to 30 feet deep and 50 feet wide.

First priority for city crews is stabilizing the area for safety. With more storms in the forecast repair will happen later. "Early estimates, it's probably 150-thousand dollars worth of damage," said Colorado Springs Storm Water Manager, Tim Mitros. This one spot is just one of several problems requiring repair following the storm.



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