Apr 22, 2013 8:51 PM by Maddie Garrett

LGBT performers upset after PCC cuts drag show short

Some Pueblo Community College students and LGBT performers said they were discriminated against after a drag show was cut short at a school function.

Nicole Craig was one of the performers from last week's PCC Spring Fling. She entertained the crowd as a drag king, dressed as a man. She was one of only a few performers who took the stage in drag, before the group was asked to leave.

"They gathered their things rather than make a scene, they bowed out gracefully and then I found out they were actually escorted off campus," said friend and PCC student Rachel Van Ostrand.

PCC said the group did have permission to perform in drag at the family-friendly event, but the performers were told to keep things G-rated. The LGBT group thought they had done just that.

"I know one of the performers that did the Beyonce number was in white slacks, a grey sequin top a wig on and the face makeup and a pair of nice heels," said Van Ostrand.

But the PCC President Patty Erjavec said about a dozen complaints came in from the audience from students and parents with young children there. The performers said because of that, their show was cut short.

"I don't know that it was, that it had anything to do with the performing arts group per-say, I believe that it was just the venue," explained Erjavec

School leaders said they support LGBT students, and wouldn't mind a drag show at another type of venue that was adult only.

Erjavec said, "We support diversity here at Pueblo Community College."

But the performers and students we talked to said supporting them would have meant allowing the drag show to finish, despite the complaints.

"I think it's a matter of discrimination, honestly. I think that because parents were uncomfortable with it they assumed their children were uncomfortable with it," said Van Ostrand.

The students also complained because they said gay-rights posters they put up Monday around campus were taken down. The school said the fliers were taken down because the students did not follow guidelines to get permission to put them up in the first place.



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