Jun 7, 2010 8:04 AM by Matt Stafford

Limon: 20 years later

Just in the last couple of weeks, a new storm siren was put up in the town of Limon. It happens to set near a lot that used to be Limon's town hall, that's until a tornado tore it apart in June of 1990.

"Sometimes some buildings are totally destroyed and then right next to them, some of the others, yeah there's damage, but they weren't leveled like some of the ones that were next to them," says Scott Bartil, remembering the day the tornado came to town.

From trailer parks that were leveled to the ground, to destruction changing storefronts and removing some all together, more than 100 homes and several businesses were destroyed.

The storm left an impact on the landscape, but from there the town took over and added it's own touch, like the new town hall, built as a replacement.

On Sunday, some were "celebrating" 20 years since that day. However, a tornado tearing your town apart hardly seems like something you celebrate, with a cake nonetheless, but that's what's happening in Limon.

"(We're) Celebrating how we healed, how we renewed our lives," explains Lucille Reimer, one of the first reporters on the ground after the storm hit, but that's not all Sunday's celebration is for. Reimer says it's also for the old depot.

"How this depot was part of the very old, and now part of the future," Reimer says.

With some remodeling planned, the building's future looks bright. So Limon's only standing historic building remains as a reminder, what may have seemed, at the time, to put a crack in the foundation actually made the town stronger.


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