Apr 12, 2010 2:46 AM by Jeannette Hynes

Living next to a construction zone

Del Daily would like to sell his home.  He lives in the Yorkshire neighborhood just south of Woodmen Road and west of Academy Boulevard in Colorado Springs.

"Of course, right now, the property value's gone down," says Daily.

The heavy construction equipment right behind his backyard isn't a strong selling point.  The Woodmen/Academy interchange project going on behind Daily's home is expected to be finished in September 2011.

"We were actually thinking about [selling the house], but we're going to hold off a couple of more years until this construction is over with," says Daily.

Living with the construction has its moments of frustration.  Daily admits, most of the construction nhappens during the day, while he's at work.  He has heard the crews working a few late nights, which was rough on sleep.

"When they were tearing down the wall that was early one Saturday morning.  That was not cool," says Daily with a little laughter.

Jim and Camilla Haley have lived in the Yorkshire neighborhood since 1969.

"That whole shopping center.  Nothing was there.  That was all an empty field.  Woodmen Road was a two-lane gravel road," says Jim Haley.

"My biggest concern, I guess, is that we've enjoyed shopping at King Soopers for years, ever since they built that store," adds Haley. "I'd hate for it to close for good."

Both Haley and Daily say the construction company has been very good about keeping them and their neighbors informed, and keeping the project on time.

"I think everybody's doing everything they can.  We just hope it doesn't get a whole lot worse," says Haley.

"It's been a drag, but all in all, we knew it was coming," says Daily.

The next phase of the construction project begins this week, with Woodmen Road shifting south from Academy Boulevard to Olga Wilson Way.



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