Jan 28, 2012 10:00 PM by Trovette Tottress

Local Boy Scout heads to Washington, D.C. to meet President Barack Obama

A young boy who saved his grandmother's life is going Washington to meet President BarackObama.

Last week eleven-year old Jordan Evans received a heroism award from the Boy Scouts of America for saving his grandmothers life.

In May 2010, nine-year-old Jordan, and his ten-year-old cousin were walking on trail with their grandmother. Suddenly, winds started to gust nearly eighty-five miles per hour. That's when a tree fell on his grandmother's head. She was knocked unconscious. Jordan knew he had to act fast.

"I just had to get myself together after that and just do what I had to do", said Jordan Evans.

He immediately told his ten year-old cousin to dial 9-1-1.

Jordan then took off his shirt and wrapped it around his grandmother's head to stop the bleeding. He carried her a quarter of a mile so rescue workers could find them.

"It seemed like we were walking forever. If she would have not made it that day, I would have been devastated. I definitely couldn't live with that. I mean just having someone die on my hands", said Jordan Evans.

Because of his bravery and leadership, he was one of eight boys selected to go the Washington D.C. to meet President Barack Obama.

"I thought someone was really trying to pull a prank on me there because I couldn't believe it", said Jordan Evans. "It was mind blowing. It's going to change my life forever."

Ann Parker received thirty staples and ten stitches to her head. She has made a full recovery.
She says she owes her life to her grandchildren.

"They are my angels all the time. But, that day they were my guardian angels", said Ann Parker.

Jordan's parents couldn't be more proud.

"I don't think my mom would have survived if it wouldn't have been for the kids being with her that day", said his mother Julie Evans.

"I became the proudest father of any child ever", said his father Eric Evans.

Jordan is looking forward to his trip to Washington, D.C. He's anxious to present a new challenge to President Obama.

"I want to take him up on his basketball skills", he said.


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