Nov 10, 2010 7:19 PM by Stephanie Collins

Local company puts the bubbles back in beer

A company in Woodland Park is thriving, thanks to an innovation that has a market around the world.

Tap-A-Draft is a home draft system that keeps carbonated beverages fresh. The system consists of a six liter bottle with a screw on tap, powered by CO2. It's now being mass produced to be used with Coors Light and Miller Light.

Invented by a pair of friends who own the company Sturman BG, LLC, and were sick of carbonated beverages going flat, "If we use a CO2 cartridge and regulate it, to keep it fresh, then that's a great solution," explains Eddie Sturman.

The pair first developed the idea in 1985 to use with soft drinks, but couldn't get soda companies, worried about cost, to sign on. So they turned to home brewers, and eventually Coors-Miller took notice, "We got our name in the market, and I believe we aren't just the only one, we are the best in the market," says Sturman's partner, Benjamin Grill.

Looking to the future they hope to come up with a model that will get the soft drink industry on board. Until then it's the beer industry making Tap-A-Draft a worldwide success.

The device, with six liters of Coors Light, costs about twenty bucks. Sturman BG, LLC also makes a system that works with wine, using nitrogen instead of CO2. For more information on the company and the Tap-A-Draft system, click here.



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