Jun 3, 2013 6:53 PM by Maddie Garrett

Local foundation helps rescued dog make leaps and bounds in recovery

A dog rescued from a dog sled facility involved in a severe animal cruelty case a few years ago, is now overcoming even more obstacles. Una is one of more than 100 dogs found neglected and malnourished in Park County back in December 2009.

Today, Una continues to make leaps and bounds in her recovery, thanks to a pet foundation in El Paso County.

Just by watching them, it's easy to see that Una and Mary Hay are more than just pet and owner.

"She's a very happy little dog and one of the best companions you could ask for," Hay said affectionately.

But Una's life wasn't always so carefree. She was found at a Hartsel dog sled facility along with 100 other husky mixes. The dogs were severely malnourished, and eight were found dead.

"I think she's overcome a lot," Hay said of Una.

Hay took Una in to rehabilitate her and give her a loving home. But only a few months after the rescue, Una got out on a bitterly cold night, and she got frostbite.

A vet told Hay that Una needed to be euthanized.

"I couldn't take that as an answer I knew there had to be a way to help this dog," she said.

So Hay went to another vet, who amputated part of Una's front leg. Maimed, but still alive, Hay wanted to give Una the life she deserved.

That's where Harley's Hope Foundation comes in. The group paid for a special prosthetic, made just for Una. Because it was a front leg, and not a hind leg, a prosthetic was needed for Una to be able to run, jump and have a better quality of life.

"It's tight, but it has to be to give her support and now she is ready to run like the wind. I call her my little wind runner," said Hay as she puts on the prosthetic.

Harley's Hope Foundation Executive Director and Co-Founder, Cynthia Bullock, said they were happy to help.

"With everything she's gone through and the abuse she's suffered, we felt it was very important to give her as good a life as possible," Bullock said of Una.

For Una and Hay, the new prosthetic meant a new leash on life.

"It has given Una a new lease on life and given me a new lease on life. And we could never have done any of this without Harley's Hope Foundation," explained Hay.

Harley's Hope Foundation is a non-profit based in El Paso County that helps pets and their owners, especially those in danger of being given up or euthanized. They help pay for life-saving treatment-- or life-altering care for animals.

To find out more about Harley's Hope Foundation, visit their website:

You can also contact their two offices, Colorado Springs at (719)362-6335 or Durango at (940)946-2435.



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