Jan 5, 2014 10:15 PM by Tony Spehar

Local gun advocates skeptical of Obama administration's executive actions on gun control

On Friday the Obama administration announced two executive actions designed to add strength to the federal background check system.

According to information released by the administration one action clarifies what mental health issues can block a person from buying a gun, something states complained had been unclear. The second action calls for health care providers to have greater flexibility in what information about their patient's mental health can be released to the background check system, issues with privacy laws has caused conflict about what medical information can be given out.

Tony Burnetto, an NRA Certified Instructor, said he was skeptical about how new laws or rules could prevent violence and mass shootings such as the Aurora Theater Shooting.

"Laws regarding anything have to be quality not quantity," Burnetto explained. "It appears to me that there has to be a mental health aspect that needs to be addressed, so that balance has to be found between how far do we go in investigating someone's mental health history or medical history."

Colorado lawmakers will soon be debating gun laws in the 2014 legislative session, republican lawmakers plan to propose bills designed to overturn some of 2013's controversial regulations.


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