Mar 6, 2013 7:39 PM by Lacey Steele

Local gun shop owner upset over Assault Weapon Liability Act

Under the Assault Weapon Liability Act, gun manufacturers and sellers could be held accountable in the event of a tragedy involving that particular type of weapon.

As you can imagine, some local gun shop owners are concerned.

"The Liability Act, it's a very bad bill," said Epie Martinez.

Martinez has owned Silver Gun Sports for 18 years.

He's against all the gun bills.

"Law abiding citizens are the only ones that will obey the laws," said Martinez. "The criminals aren't going to obey laws."

But the Liability Act is one that could really affect him.

"Auto manufacturers aren't held responsible for the drunk drivers out on the road, neither is Budweiser or Coors," said Martinez. "Gun manufacturers and gun stores are going to be held liable," said Martinez. "That's a very bad law."

Bottom line: It could affect his bottom line.

"It's going to affect our business," said Martinez. "We may not be in business. I mean, somebody could put us out of business anytime they want to do something wrong with a gun."

Some politicians are against the bills, like Congressman Doug Lamborn, who says he hopes Governor Hickenlooper vetoes everything that comes to his desk.

"The way I'm seeing it in the laws in Denver and in Washington sounds to me like it's an infringement on the right to keep and bear arms," said Rep. Lamborn.

But there are those who support it and say it brings about responsibility.

"The manufacturer, seller, owner, and shooter will have failed to keep the assault weapon out of dangerous and criminal hands," said Senate President John Morse. "Under this bill, in that circumstance, they may or may not be liable."

As for Martinez, he feels more education is the key to promoting gun safety.

"We practice safety," said Martinez. "We preach safety. A firearm is only as safe as you make it."

The gun bills before the Senate are expected to go up for vote this Friday.

If passed they'll head to the governor, who's signature to make them law could come by the end of the month.


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