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May 29, 2014 8:29 PM by Greg Smith

Local man reaches 1,000 Incline ascents in 250 days for good cause

Last week we brought you the story of Greg Cummings hiking the Manitou Incline over 850 times in a single year with the intent of break the world record for vertical feet climbed. He's far surpassed it, to a much higher landmark.

Cummings made his 1000th ascent Thursday and he's done all of it in 250 days with type-one diabetes to try to raise money for a practical cure for the disease.

His friends and family joined him on the climb bright and early, even bringing champagne for the top.

"The support of friends has really been awesome," says Cummings. "I'm just thrilled to be able to pull it off, and I've stayed healthy, and didn't even have a single sick day. It was awesome to be able to do that and I just feel really privileged to have been able to meet that goal."

Cummings has a website called where at least 80 percent of proceeds go to his cause of finding that practical cure.

He made six ascents total today and now has one-thousand and five.



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