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Local mother begs burglars to return family photos

A local mother is asking the thieves who broke into her home on Friday morning to show some kindness and return her family photos that were on a stolen computer.

Ruth Bravo returned to her home on Pony Tracks Drive in Colorado Springs on Friday to find her front door broken and smashed.

"The door was closed, so I didn't know it walking into it until I went to unlock my door and saw that it was completely broken," Bravo described. "The wood pieces were shattered everywhere."

She walked into her home to find somebody had ransacked several rooms and took numerous items, but Bravo was only worried about one thing.

"The first thing I did was run down to see if the computer was there because that's the first thing I thought of," she explained. "My daughter's pictures were on it."

The computer was gone and with it every picture she had ever taken of her daughters Kaylee, 9, and Kaytlynn, 5.

"It's holidays, birthdays, their first days of school, school plays," Bravo described while holding back tears. "All of that is so important to me."

The memories of their kid's childhood is something all parents value, but Bravo said the pictures documenting the lives of her young daughters mean more to her.

"I grew up not having any childhood pictures, I was in a lot of different homes so it means a lot for me to have those for my daughters," she explained. "I just really want them back."

The stay-at-home mom and her husband, a soldier at Fort Carson, said they don't care about all the stolen items that they can replace; they just want their memories back.

"We're not a rich family, we don't go out and do a lot of stuff you know so the pictures mean a lot to me," Bravo described. "They're memories of the things we are able to do for our daughters."

With tears in her eyes on Saturday Bravo pleaded for the thieves to at least return her pictures and the flash drive from her digital camera, which was also stolen.

"Get me my pictures," Bravo begged. "That's all I care about is my pictures."

The Colorado Springs Police Department is investigating the burglary, anyone with information is asked to call CrimeStoppers.



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