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Feb 23, 2013 11:22 PM by Tony Spehar -

Local plow crews ready for Sunday storm

Plow crews said they had prepared on Saturday night to deal with a snow storm expected to hit Southern Colorado Sunday morning.

Supervisors with the City of Colorado Springs Street Division said they had been caught of guard by the intensity of the storm that hit on Wednesday night and could've responded better. But, that storm allowed them to be fully prepared for Sunday's snow. The blades were kept on plows and supplies of de-icer and sand were restocked on Saturday.

"They all already know if we get called out they're ready to go, the equipments all ready to go, all our supplies are stocked," explained Supervisor Amaro Montemayor. "This shouldn't be as bad as the other one, but then I can't say because it is Colorado weather it can change in a heartbeat."

Montemayor said crews are concerned about high-winds that could reduce visibility and blow snow back onto plowed roads.

Drivers are asked to stay-off the road if possible during the storm.


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