Sep 4, 2011 11:34 PM by Matt Stafford

Local politicians ready to hear Presidents jobs plan

After a tense battle over how to handle our federal deficit earlier in the summer, to a flat jobs report just released days ago; politicians are heading back to Washington D.C. this week with a focus on the economy.

Colorado Senator Mark Udall spent some of his break from Congress at the Colorado State Fair on Sunday, but jobs were on his mind.

"We've got a lot of sun and a lot of wind, and I'm somebody who thinks one of the ways we get people back to work in this country is to invest in renewable energy," says Sen. Udall.

Those topics are expected to come up Thursday when President Obama is scheduled to address Congress -- rolling out a jobs plan that should include tax credits and public works programs.

"I think the President has some great ideas about putting people back to work; rebuilding our roads, and our highways, and our airports," says Sen. Udall, a democrat.

Republican Congressman Doug Lamborn has different ideas when it comes to a jobs proposal.

"Government incentives and government projects and government created jobs just are not as good; they're not going to last long, they're expensive to the taxpayer," Rep. Lamborn. "The private sector jobs, that if we can work together to create those, that's what will bring us back for this economy."

Rep. Lamborn says he'll be listening for the President to talk about ways to push the private sector to drive job creation.

"To the degree he can do that, he'll have strong support from me and all the republicans and I'm sure all the democrats also," says Rep. Lamborn.

However Sen. Udall thinks we may be in need of a little more government push right now.

"You've got to put people back to work right now and government can play a role," says Udall. "Private sector creates jobs, but can work in partnership with the federal government."

Congress returns to work on Tuesday.

President Obama is scheduled to speak on Thursday at 7 p.m. Eastern Time (5 p.m. local).


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