Jul 30, 2013 12:37 AM by Annie Snead

Local reaction to pope's comments on gays

Pope Francis continues to make headlines, while wrapping up his first overseas visit to Brazil.
The Pope told reporters on the way back from Brazil quote "If a person is gay and seeks God and has good will, who am i to judge them?"
We're getting local reaction.
We spoke with Bishop Michael Sheridan of Colorado Springs who says this has been the teaching of the Catholic Church all along.
"That's been the consistent teaching of the Catholic Church, maybe it's being heard by some people for the first time I don't know," said Bishop Sheridan.
He says the comments are nothing new, and that the catholic church has always made the distinction between same sex attraction, and homosexual actions.
"Every human being has inherent dignity, every human being - homosexual, heterosexual, male, female, and has to be treated accordingly, with love and respect, and given all human rights," he said.
For Charles Irwin with Colorado Springs Pride, the Pope's comments were a surprise.
He says many times equality and certain faith based organizations don't go hand in hand,but believes the comments are bringing the two sides closer together.
"I do want to see how the words are going to be backed up by actions, that's what's really important especially here in Colorado Springs with the many faith based organizations we have," Irwin said.
He says they're just looking for equality, and if that's what the Pope meant, then that's a great thing.
"There's that little sticking point about what you think and the actions that you the Pope saying that if I am a gay man and I have an intimate relationship with a I a sinner? That's really what i want to see," he said.
Bishop Sheridan believes that is where the church draws the line.
"What we've always distinguished between is the person's attraction, say same sex attraction or homosexuality and then homosexual actions," he said.
For more on the Pope's comments, here's a link: Http://


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