Jan 28, 2010 8:53 AM by James Jarman, Bea Karnes - News First 5

Local reaction to State of the Union address

Local republicans and democrats gathered at viewing parties around the region to watch the President's State of the Union speech.

The largest republican gathering in Southern Colorado was at Mr. Biggs in Colorado Springs. Roughly 100 people showed up to hear the speech and many made it clear they feel the President hasn't kept his word, especially when it comes to working with republicans.

There were a lot of laughs and boos throughout the speech, mostly when he touched on climate change, the economy and urging both sides to work together.

News First 5 crews were also at one of the democratic parties. There were several of those with smaller groups of people at each and there was a lot clapping and cheering.

Both local sides clearly reflecting the divide at the national level among republicans and democrats.

"I think it (the President's speech) energizes the country," Cindy Draving told us, "I think he's a great orator, I think not only is he a great speaker I think what he says will resonate with not only the democrats, but the independents and even the republicans." Draving organized a viewing party on behalf of the group Organizing for America.

Republican Jeff Crank said the President's speech is just words at this point, "he hasn't shown that he's willing to be bi-partisan in any way shape or form. Maybe tonight's a turning point for him I don't know, but again, his actions are going speak a lot more than the words in this speech."

Crank and the group Americans for Prosperity organized the republican viewing party.




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