Mar 28, 2013 12:19 AM by Annie Snead

Locals react to military tuition being restored

Funds are restored for the military tuition assistance program.
This, just weeks after the Army, Marine Corps and Air Force announced they were suspending it, due to sequester.
The program offers up to $4,500 a year to help pay for college.
Now, instead of cutting the programs, the Department of Defense will be picking up the tab for all military branches.
Tuesday, the president signed a federal spending bill funding the government through September.
"Thank God! It's about time that somebody actually realized that educating our military is important," said Courtney McNeill.
McNeill's husband who serves in the Army had to stop registering for classes this year.
We spoke to her a few weeks ago, after military tuition assistance was suspended.
Now she says her husband and others she knows can go back to school.
"There's 200,000 soldiers and their families and more that are going to be very thankful for that," said McNeill.
"It's very important to me as a citizen to know that the people who are protecting me are protected are taken care of are getting the education they deserve," she added.
But she says as much as they're excited they're still waiting to see how it's going to play out.
That's what Colorado Springs senior director of Webster University Margaret Reed says the schools are waiting for too.
"No guidelines have come out as to how it will be reinstated and the guarantee is only until September 30 of this year so going forward there is still not a guarantee," said Reed.
Reed says around 60 percent of their students are military.
But no matter what they've put in place their own assistance program to make sure they can stay in school.
She says they're hoping to hear later this week what procedures will be put into place by each of the service branches.
"I'm excited about it but the whole community is on pins and will this affect us, what does that mean for the student? Basically the military student is going well great but how does that affect me," Reed added.


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