Oct 12, 2012 12:57 AM by Jacqui Heinrich,

Locals react to Vice Presidential debate

Voters across party lines seemed satisfied with Thursday night's Vice Presidential debate; people on both sides said their candidate was effective in getting down to the facts on the issues without as much of the posturing we saw in the first Presidential debate.

At a Democratic watch party in Monument, it was a diverse crowd with young and old, male and female, and multiracial attendees. Voters said issues like Medicare, Social Security, veteran's benefits, and the budget were most important to them, since what happens in the next election could directly impact their lives. They were glad to see Joe Biden come out with clear answers to pointed questions; Tony Wolusky told News 5, "Vice President Biden was looking into the camera and being very practical in terms of what has been proposed by the Republican Party in terms of what will proceed, showing how it will be adverse to seniors in terms of the budget. I thought in many ways it was more direct."

Viewers at a Republican watch party at Jack Quinn's Restaurant in Colorado Springs had a different outlook, saying nothing Joe Biden could have said would undo the past four years where "not enough was done". Mary Ann Creque, a Mitt Romney supporter, told News 5, "The current administration more or less is 'were gonna keep trying'. Trying is not results. We need to go ahead and deliver results and I believe just from strictly looking at the two sides and the records, we have a better probability or likelihood for success with someone who has a proven track record."

Voters at the Romney-Ryan watch party said they were looking for a new leader to take on America's problems-- things like the deficit and unemployment. They also said Paul Ryan's answer to the direct question about abortion resonated with Catholics in the crowd.

As the second Presidential debate approaches voters will be watching closely in Colorado, where every vote counts; back in 2008 it came down to just 73 votes per precinct that tipped the scales. With more registered voters than ever before in Colorado, it will be a historic election year.


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