Apr 16, 2013 1:04 PM by Stephen Bowers

Lyrid meteor shower could provide a show in the sky

The Lyrid Meteor Shower begins Tuesday night and lasts through April 25. The closer to the 25th we get, the brighter the moon gets. That means best viewing will be in the next few nights, but clouds will likely limit viewing tonight and tomorrow night.

Peak activity occurs on the 22nd (next Monday), at which time up to 10-20 meteors per hour could be visible, especially in darker areas away from the glow of city lights. The Lyrid shower usually is not the most visual of our meteor showers, but it is something to look it.

So what should you do for the best viewing results? The meteors appear to streak out of the constellation Lyra, which traverses the northern sky from west to east throughout the night. Best viewing will be between midnight and sunrise around the 22nd, when the shower will peak.

(Article image courtesy of NASA)


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