Sep 8, 2011 12:07 AM by Dr. Anya Winslow

Man almost dies at the hand of a power tool

"He would have bled to death had they even been one minute further away or hesitated in any way, shape or form," says Memorial Hospital trauma surgeon Tiffany Willard, M.D.

24-year-old Blake Garrett lives to see another day thanks to heroic efforts of three people who did not hesitate to react during a horrific episode.

On August 31, Garrett was impaled in the leg with a diamond-edged machine tool while working on a construction site.

He lost life-threatening amounts of blood, but managed to walk his way to the door of homeowners, Kipp and Paula Parker, also from Limon, before losing consciousness in front of their door on their deck.

"I knew I was in trouble because it felt like a gallon of blood fell out right away. My shoe was completely soggy," says Garrett.

Soon after, the Parkers immediately applied pressure to the gash, put two tourniquets on his leg, and with Garrett's boss, Mr. Amendt, who said, "Let's tape him up," applied duct tape his wound before paramedics came and subsequent air crews flew him to Memorial Hospital.

"We felt fortunate enough to just be there and see him and to be involved in doing something that we believe anybody else would have done," says Kipp Parker.

Parker admitted that he and his wife, along with Amendt, didn't think as themselves as heroes, but Garrett disagreed and believed they were during the episode.

Garrett also mentioned that he will continue to use the same power tool that almost took his life, but, now, will do so with a little more caution.



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