Jan 30, 2012 12:34 AM by John Romero

Man dies on bus, family not notified for nearly a month

David Mussack is struggling with the loss of his brother Mark who died of a heart attack. "It hurts. It's rough." he says, "He was a good guy. He was energetic. He was outgoing."

As tough as Mark's was for his brother to hear, the mystery surrounding his death is just as tough to bear.

Mark visited his brother David in Colorado Springs over Christmas. Just days later Mark drove his son and a rental truck packed with his wife's belongings from his home in Arizona to Utah. From there he took a bus that would take him back home to Tempe. "When he got on the bus he called his mother to say I'm on the bus and I'm headed home. No worries, this is Saturday the 31st of December." explains David.

The next day came, nobody had heard from Mark. More days passed with no answers. Police in Utah said Mark was last seen January 1st at a Greyhound Station in Denver. "Security video later showed him getting off the bus and transferring to an Albuquerque bound bus. That's where the trail stopped." says David.

It was later revealed that Mark has suffered a massive heart attack and died on the bus before it stopped in El Paso, Texas. "He was taken of the bus on January 1st and he was dead and in a morgue in El Paso." explains David.

But nobody in Mark's family knew of his death at the time. More days passed. Before you know it everyone was looking for him. A Facebook page looking for Mark popped up. Still, more days passed. Finally just this last Friday, David and the rest of the family found out about Mark's death from a Vernal, Utah detective. "28 days he was in that morgue and nobody contacted us, his wife or his mother." says David.

Now David, a broken brother, can't understand why it took nearly a month to get a hold of the family. Authorities admitted to David that his brother had both a cell phone and a wallet with id on him. "Why didn't they go back and look?" David asks, "Why didn't they charge his cell phone for goodness gracious? Just turn it on and say gee, who is that? Mom. Let me see who that is. There's a phone number there!"

David and others filed a missing persons report weeks before the news of Mark's death. Although the family is now getting some closure, all David wants to know is why. "It just seems like it was just pushed of to the side for whatever reason. That's a reason I'd like to find out." he says.

David tells us he still has yet to see a death certificate or a coroner's report. He hopes to get those along with his brother's remains in the coming weeks.



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