Sep 27, 2010 7:15 PM by Jeannette Hynes

Man encounters two mountain lions on trail

Matt Chaparro was hiking a trail Monday afternoon, a hike he had made hundreds of times. This time was different, though, because this time he encountered two mountain lions.

He says he was walking on a trail under 30th Street near Garden of the Gods Park when he met up with the lions.

"They were mad. Just staring at their little fur sticking up on their head so I knew they were mad," describes Chaparro.  "I just stood there, still, waiting for something to happen. I couldn't get a rock or nothing like that, because there was nothing around, so I just waited and stood still and once they started walking away, I sprinted up the hill."

Chaparro managed to walk away without a scratch, just a big scare.

"It was not cool," says Chaparro.

The Division of Wildlife says mountain lions rarely attack humans, and it is even more unusual for someone to be killed by a mountain lion.  The DOW website says fewer than a dozen deaths have been recorded in North America in 100 years.


If you come across a mountain lion, The DOW recommends you try not to panic.  Then, stop or back away slowly and make yourself appear as big as possible.  Also, do not run.


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