Mar 4, 2011 11:29 PM by Matt Stafford

Man looks to honor fallen tow truck driver with a law

Last week's dragging death of tow truck driver Allen Rose had an affect on many; and a big one on Mike Baier, who just couldn't seem to get it off of his mind. He wanted to help.

"I'd like to think that something good can come from every tragedy, so I started thinking of a way we could prevent this from ever happening again," Baier says.

What he came up with was a magnet that tow truck drivers could use to cover the door handles of cars they're towing, but also put a law in place making it a punishable crime for anyone but the tow truck driver to take it off. Earlier this week he was on News First 5 asking for support writing a bill, and he got it.

"Mr. Baier got in contact with me; we've definitely started the ball rolling," says Sen. John Morse, a Democrat from Colorado Springs. "I just think it's a great idea."

It may not stop everyone who would try getting into a car that's being towed, but they're thinking it would work on many.

"I believe that will deter a lot of people," Baier says.

Within a day of talking, Senator Morse had a draft bill drawn up. He and Baier are even hoping to call it the Allen Rose Law. News First 5 spoke to a friend of the Rose family, and she says they've heard about it and think it's a good idea.

It hasn't been introduced yet, and there's no word yet as to when it might be. They're still working out the details.

"The question still is; should it be law, or should it just be something that people do?" says Morse.

It would need to be a law to carry a punishment. Morse is thinking it would be a misdemeanor crime. He's hearing support for it, but he still would have to work it through the legislature and it's getting late for this session.

"Even if this doesn't turn out to be law; it doesn't mean he doesn't have a great idea, he absolutely does," Morse says.

Whatever happens with the idea, Baier just hopes that it helps.


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