Jul 2, 2010 9:21 AM by David Ortiviz, News First 5

Man rescues puppy that fell into canyon

A Utah couple has a new German Shepherd mix puppy and an amazing story of how they got him. They're calling the dog "Puppy." Last weekend Zak Anderegg, an avid hiker and climber, was on a repelling trip in Arizona. He shot video when he found a stray dog, lying in one of the canyon's holes, 350 feet down from the rim of the canyon. 
The dog apparently fell into the canyon, and miraculously survived with no broken bones. Zak returned the next day to rescue "Puppy" with a rope and a crate. The dog was treated at a local animal hospital, and is now living with Zak and his wife Michelle.
Back home near Salt Lake City, Zak says he expects "Puppy" to be back to his full weight in a couple of weeks, and this was one trip he will never forget. "When I saw him my heart just absolutely broke, and within about ten seconds of realizing what he was, my plan shifted from vacation to, you know, rescue, get him out of here," said Zak.
"I was pacing, but I was very confident in his abilities, you know, to get the dog out safely, but it was a little nerve-racking," said Michelle.
The couple doesn't know yet whether they will keep him, or give him up for adoption.


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