Apr 10, 2014 11:18 PM by Alyse Rzemek

Man threatens two women to get naked during home invasion

A Pueblo man is behind bars after police say 21 year-old Steven Trujillo broke into a home and demanded two women to disrobe.

Officers say when they were called to the home at the 1100 block of East Evans Avenue, they heard screaming coming from the home. They say the front window of the home had been kicked in.
Officer Marcus Juliano and Officer Rich Romero, went around the back where they
observed a window had been broken out. Still hearing screams, the officers went through the back door
and gained access into the home.
The officers found Trujillo in a bedroom with two females. Trujillo raised his hand as if he was holding a handgun and pointed it at the officers in a threatening manner and yelled, "Bang bang." Both officers had their weapons drawn and were prepared to shoot, but realized the two victims were behind Trujillo making it unsafe for them to fire. The officers were able to subdue the suspect, sustaining minor injuries.

The victims told officers that once inside their bedroom, Trujillo began yelling at them to disrobe
while threatening to shoot them. The victims, who were an elderly woman and her adult daughter,
were horrified thinking they were going to be raped and killed.

Trujillo was booked into County Jail on First Degree Burglary, Attempted Sexual Assault, and four
counts of menacing.



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