Jul 5, 2011 11:13 PM by John Romero

Man tries to expose himself to 9 year old

It was a scary moment for a family in Colorado Springs on the 4th of July after a man tried to expose himself to a 9 year old girl who was waiting for an ice cream truck.

When the little girl rejected his initial advance, police say he then tried to take the offer a step further. "Once the child refused he then indicated that he would give her a dollar to come over so he could expose himself to her." explains Sgt. Steve Noblitt with the Colorado Springs Police Department. The girl once again refused, eventually scaring away the would be predator. "She made enough of a commotion that her mom came out of the house and the suspect was scared away." says Noblitt.

Jan Isaacs Henry, the executive director of Kidpower in Colorado Springs says the girl did exactly what she should have done in that situation. She stresses the importance of talking to your kids about strangers, but not in order to scare them. "It's really important to not scare kids when we're talking to them about these topics." she explains, "If we do, then they walk around the world afraid all of the time of they walk around not paying attention when they need to be paying attention."

The most important lesson to teach your child is to always run to a trusted adult the minute something is unfamiliar. "They need to check first with a trusted adult before they get close to somebody that they don't know. Including going up to a car." explains Isaacs-Henry. She goes on to say if your kids are old enough to talk to a stranger, they're old enough to have a talk with you. You as a parent should do it sooner rather than later to keep your little one safe. "Just giving them those safety rules is actually reassuring to kids because they know what to do and they have a safety plan when they're out and about." she says.

The suspect is described as a white male, in his late 20's to early 30's. He has strawberry blond hair and a buzz cut. He's believed to be driving a white Volvo. If you have any information you are asked to call Colorado Springs Police.



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